Thursday, October 21, 2010


On Monday after everyone had left and it was just Ben and I, I realized I have to keep a HUGE secret from Ben for a VERY long time. I can't show him or tell him about my dress for what could be well over a year! HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN??!?!? I'm so excited about it and can't share it with the person who means the most to me! BOOOO!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The weekend went REALLY well. Everyone had a great time and some progress was made on the wedding.
Mainly, I BOUGHT MY DRESS! YAY! I'm so excited. Saja was a great experience. The designer, Yoo Lee, was there and the other girls were really great too. Only one appointment at a time in the small store so their full attention was on me. I chose an accessory to go with my dress on their suggestion and am TOTALLY happy with my purchase. I can even go visit my dress at the store anytime. Yoo actually seemed to encourage it. I'll probably go back in a bit and actually take pictures of me in the dress. One minor thing we forgot to do was take pictures while I was trying on dresses! If you want to know the one I selected e-mail me or comment and I'll send you a message with the website and the one I chose. That will have to do until I take some pics!
My Initial Reaction necklace also arrived on Saturday so I got to take it with my to my appointment and see how it looked with my dress. It looks good! Here's some pictures of the necklace. (sorry for the yellow tone. There isn't enough light left when I get home from work to use natural light!)

Monday, October 11, 2010


In 4 short days my mom is meeting Ben's family. I'm excited and nervous and stressed! My mom is staying with us so I used my holiday cleaning up and getting somethings done around the apartment. There is still plenty to do during the evenings this week. I'm excited I get the day off on Friday to be here when everyone lands and gets into the neighborhood. I'm also glad we get the evening together before my BFF flies in on Saturday to join in the fun. I got a confirmation e-mail from Saja for my appointment on Sunday. My necklace should be here any day now. Things are starting to happen.