Friday, November 26, 2010

First Official Act as an Engaged Couple

So it's officially holiday season. I've spent most of this morning getting some christmas shopping done online (I refuse to battle the crowds). Not only does the holiday season mean presents but also cards. We have to send out a holiday card! I would love to do one with a picture of us but there is one slight problem with this... we don't have many pictures of us. My favorite picture I have of us is this one
(personal photo)

Problems with this: It's almost 3 years old. I'm in an Iowa sweatshirt. I would like us to be clearer and more of the focus of the picture.
So that leaves us in a bit of a pickle. We need a good picture for holiday cards ASAP so we can get them ordered and shipped to us so we can ship them out in time for the holidays.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspirations & Hair

For 3 months now I've been gathering pictures of ceremonies, flowers, decorations, invitations, guestbooks & more and articles about writing vows, booking vendors, creating budget, & staying sane. I've amassed quite a few to say the least. I'm slowly starting to organize all of the photos into categories. I have a file of invitations, ceremony markers, reception decor, & cupcake/dessert tables.
Since buying my dress my new obsession has been hairstyles. I'm definitely keeping my hair long but am thinking of highlighting it. When I was younger my hair was definitely blonder. In high school I started highlighting it but stopped sophomore year of college. It got REALLY blonde after a summer in the sun.

Here is when I decided my hair was WAYY to blonde (and crispy - so glad I don't gel my hair like that anymore!).

Here I am 4 years ago. This color was good. The highlights were basically gone then.

Interestingly enough, my hair is wavy in both of these. The second was a more natural wave from a day at the beach. I would love for my wedding hair to have the beachy wave to it as well - just better than this picture. I don't know if I want to to be completely down, maybe half up. I'm also thinking headband or hair flower or clips. Some sort of hair accessory that's not a veil. I don't really like veils & I think it would just be a mess on the beach.

Eventually, I'll start posting some of my inspirations thus far. Once we get through the holidays perhaps we'll start wedding planning. Perhaps.