Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 months!

1. Ben tried on some wedding bands to get a feel of what he likes. I have chosen my ring design and Ben is narrowing his down so we can send them to the jeweler to get made.

2. Centerpieces have been mocked-up.

Each table will have something similar to this on it. We got the lanterns from Ikea on a recent trip. Next steps = figuring out how many tables and ordering enough supplies, taking the glass out, making better numbers.

3. Dress fitting. Yesterday, I had my first fitting of my dress. There are very few alterations that need to be made. Tacking on my sash and flower as well as a bit of hemming since my shoes are so flat. I did my hair, hair, makeup and painted my toe nails for the trial as well. It was nice to look in the mirror with everything done. I was able to make a decision about my toenail color and I am sticking with the shoes I have. I had my hair half-up and half-down and wavy and liked it. The exact style may change though as it was pretty destroyed by the time I got home - I'm sure the hood on my coat didn't help that much...