Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Inspiration

one of our possible ceremony locations

My Christmas present from the Lindells started arriving this week. I received magazine subscriptions! My Islands & Caribbean Travel+Life are providing MANY leads in venues after our first pick fell through. Martha Stewart Weddings blog also just published a post about affordable boutique hotels. I've already heard back from one which we could possibly book out the WHOLE thing for a weekend! It MAY even fit into our budget as well! SHOCK! The problem is we may not actually have enough guests to fill it. So far I've contacted resorts all over the Caribbean but there are several on the list in Jamaica. We want to make things not only affordable for us but also for our guests. We're definitely going to get married in the early off-season so rooms & flights will be cheaper. We would also love to include a couple of meals for our guests beyond the reception.
Now I'm swimming in numbers. Every time I hear back from a venue I get a slew of prices. Each venue includes different things in their packages as well. It'll take a lot of time to wade through the options with each place!

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