Sunday, July 17, 2011

Deciding on a Guest List

We knew we wanted an intimate wedding but 35 was smaller than we thought we were going to have. This required us to cut down our list substantially from our initial list of people we wanted to share our day with. I initially listed about 50 people I could think of and after talking to Ben and our parents that ballooned to 60. Then Ben and I had the hard task of creating our A-list guests. My family is significantly larger than Ben's so we cut down from my family and some of our friends we haven't known as long to get 39 people to invite in our first round. As people RSVP, we will send out invites to replace the declines until we have 35 guests. We can only have 4 extra people that are allowed to stay outside of our resort as per our contract so we have to be very conservative when it comes to our invites.
We have gathered our addresses and are waiting to hear back from a friend who is designing our invitations. Unfortunately for you, you won't get to see the invitations until guests have received them!

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