Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Engagement

Ben and I have now been engaged one full week! As we are spreading the news people ask one of two questions: How'd he do it? or When's the wedding? I can't answer the second one yet and the first one is the most logical place to start this blog...

Last Friday (8/6) was my birthday and Ben hadn't gotten me anything yet and I was starting to get a little angry by the time Sunday rolled around. Ben ran to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner and stopped by Duane Reade and FINALLY got me a birthday card. It was a great and beautiful card. At the end he wrote close your eyes for the perfect present. So I closed my eyes and when he told me to open them he was in front on his knee with the ring. He didn't have to ask (and he didn't) and I didn't have to say yes (and I didn't) to know that we were starting the next chapter of our lives together after four and a half years of dating.
Ben presented me with his grandmother's ring from 1952. It has a center stone and three smaller stones on either side. It's unique and beautiful. His grandmother and mother have worn it and now I get to! It turns out he asked his mother to send the ring back in May and he claims to have been coming up with clever ways to do it but couldn't figure out how to execute any of them. It ended up being a perfect fit for us though and we couldn't be happier to embark on this new journey together.

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