Monday, September 27, 2010

The Binder

As most people can attest to I am crazy about organization. Because of this I've been itching to get a binder going for the wedding. Well over the weekend I went out and purchased my favorite office supplies (except post-its) a binder, dividers, and page protectors. Tonight I labeled the tabs with categories like invitations, ceremony, reception, attire, travel, receipts, etc. I even got some pages printed up that I already had prepared (like the dresses I like & photo inspiration). I have plenty more inspiration pages that need to be made and printed out.

AveryExtra-Wide Table of Contents Dividers, Multicolor, 8-TabStaples Standard Sheet Protectors, 100/Pack
It's so nice to be working again but still have my evenings. I'm not used to working and work not following me home for hours at night. I'm still excited to get up and go to work (if only it was a couple of hours later!)

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  1. I had a binder and one of those accordion folders for contracts and receipts! :) It's a type-A personality's best friend! :)