Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coming together

Things are starting to come together.

First I accepted a job offer yesterday and begin work on Friday. (YAY!). I am an Education Specialist at the Bronx Zoo (part of the Wildlife Conservation Society). I am VERY excited at this new opportunity and how closely it matches with my ultimate goals and the experience it is going to give me. It also will give me a calendar and money with which to start the real planning process!

Also, my mom has booked her flights to come the weekend of my dress shopping appointment! She's basically coming in and leaving the same time as the Lindells. Hopefully, my new position won't interfere with that weekend. (There is a lot of weekend and evening work because of the work I do with teachers and that is when they are available). My BFF is still trying to work on some work issues before she books her flights so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed about that.

And I just ordered my initial reaction necklace from m.marie. I'm crossing my fingers that it will come in time for my dress shopping because it would be nice to see if it would go with the dress if I happen to choose one. I'm still REALLY excited that it is ordered. It is officially my first wedding purchase!

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