Saturday, September 11, 2010

My latest inspiration

So what's the common theme in all these?? THE BOAT! Latest idea is getting married on a boat in the Keys. A wonderful family friend has a dive center in Key Largo and they do weddings! We can take a boat out and get married and snorkel after the ceremony. (They also do underwater weddings but we think that's a bit much). When I mentioned the idea to my dad he also added on the idea of spending a couple of days in Key West together.

So putting all together. A couple of days in Key West hanging out with the entire family. A nice drive up to Key Largo (in a convertible of course). Getting married on the boat with snorkeling/diving afterward, followed by a wonderful dinner somewhere at sunset with our wedding guests.

The common theme running through all of our wedding ceremony ideas is the size. Ben and I both want an EXTREMELY small ceremony - we're talking parents (and his sis), and maybe a maid of honor and best man (with dates). It's all about us and we want only those closest to us the be there with us.

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