Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hair & Makeup Trial

In mid January, I went back to Saja for my first dress fitting. The wonderful thing about Saja is that the designer is the one fitting the dress. She's taking the measurements and putting the pins in place, crawling around on the floor to make sure the hem is in the correct place. My dress was then walked to the alterations place.
I took this opportunity to do a hair and makeup trial. I tried a different hair style and did my makeup pretty much like I always do when I go out.
Here are the results:
left: no makeup
right: makeup

Not a huge difference especially with the horrible lighting of my apartment. I'm planning on going to Sephora to get some help, closer to the big day.

I really liked the hair style I choose. It was fairly easy to do but definitely needed some hairspray to help hold it together. After I got out of the shower, I let my hair dry a bit and then pulled it into a side pony and loosely braided it. I let it dry like this all morning. I set the waves with mousse before pulling it back in sections to create the back. This may be a winner!

I also wanted to test toenail colors. Thankfully it was winter and no one noticed that I left the house in 2 different color polishes! I decided that the teal was too much (I figured it was), so I'm planning on doing something neutral-ish like this light pink on my left foot.

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