Sunday, February 12, 2012


We're getting down to the wire. The wakeup call really happened when I got a HUGE to-do list from Tensing Pen! This forced me to get real with all the things that needed to happen so after work I got down to business with getting organized.
I first switch our guest list and budget over to google spreadsheets so I can access them everywhere and also created our to-do list in there.
Here's our list with our previously mentioned entree selection form, as well as budget & guest lists as well as to-do list.
Here's a screen shot of the to-do list from last weekend. Yellow means that it is in progress and green means done. I have 3 lists: ceremony, reception, general. Notice how little is done! AH!
I also felt that I needed a constant reminder of how close this thing actually is so I put the countdown on our calendar in our kitchen.
It's getting real!
Feeling organized is definitely helping the stress level. I would probably feel more accomplished if I took everything from theKnot to-do list that I've already done and added it but I don't have time for that!

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