Saturday, February 25, 2012

My wedding band is here!

When we began talking wedding bands a long time ago we were both pretty clueless about what we wanted. I knew I didn't want to try to get a band that matched my engagement ring. My e-ring is a bit large to try to add another ring to the same finger. It is also very unique so finding a matching ring would be very difficult. I'm going to move my e-ring to my right hand and wear my wedding band solo.
After that was decided, I got stuck on the idea of combining different metals in a ring and twists, braids, and knots. I spent hours looking and saving pictures of different rings. Here's a selection of the rings I saved:

During the time I was doing this, Ben had a client that happend to work with a jeweler and offered to make our rings at cost. It opened the doors to what we could choose! Unfortunately, when it came time to start discussing designs of rings, their machine broke and they didn't know when it was going to get fixed. Then I found They have a HUGE selection of rings with many different metals and stones available. I knew I didn't want any stones in my ring and they use recycled gold so they scored pretty well in my book for these reasons. I narrowed down my search with them and then went to Ben for his opinion. With that, we ordered the Forget Me Knot ring from them.

After 10 days my ring was here. I was shocked at the large box for such a small package but when I excitedly opened it up I saw the beautiful packaging. On the left is my ring box with a bow on it, there is care information on the right and in the lid is a certificate of authenticity.

When I opened the actual ring box I was a bit surprised with how small the ring actually was. I knew it was going to be small but in my head it was a bit larger.

Since I've never tried on rings I had to use a sizing chart I downloaded online so I was terrified my ring wouldn't fit. I timidly slid it on my finger and it fit!

I really like the way it looks on my finger!

Ben ordered a plain wedding band from Amazon the same day and it arrived the same day but it was too small. We sent it back and he is ordering a new one today so in a couple of weeks I'll have pictures of his band as well.

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