Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding 'Cake'

Notice that cake is in quotes. That's because we aren't having a traditional wedding cake! Early on in the planning process Ben mentioned that he thought it would be awesome to do cupcakes and pair them with a drink or two like one of our favorite places, Sweet Revenge. So once Tensing Pen agreed that we could have cupcakes we had the task of figuring out how to pair them with a drink from our wedding. Without knowing their house wines, we chose to try to pair cupcakes with Red Stripe. This excitedly (the only thing Ben has been excited about yet) gave us an excuse to go to our favorite cupcake shop, Crumbs, and get a variety pack of cupcakes.

Here's what we were working with starting at top left we have: m&m, raspberry, grasshopper (Chocolate mint), ROW 2: hostess, yellow cake with vanilla frosting, chocolate chip, ROW 3: Red Velvet, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, oreo cookie, ROW 4: Chocolate something, coconut, chocolate blackout, and finally strawberry because that was a basic flavor missing from the mix.

We wanted to focus on the more classic flavors that we thought that Tensing Pen could replicate. So we each cracked open a Red Stripe and go tasting away!

Ben very much enjoyed this wedding task!
Here's the aftermath!
So you can definitely tell our favorites. The raspberry almost completely disappeared as well as the two yellow cakes. So we choose yellow cake with raspberry filling and vanilla frosting & yellow cake with chocolate frosting. We definitely wanted some chocolate in there because so many of our friends (and my mom) are HUGE chocolate lovers. So there it is folks! Try them out with a Red Stripe!

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