Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This week my coworker delivered tons of decorations from her wedding a few years ago. We got TONS of stuff - shells, sea glass, & candles. Seriously awesome stuff. This allowed us to really finalize our table designs.
For the reception we decided to use 3 large tables that will fit 8-10 people, 1 round table that seats 5 (My parents, Ben parents, & sister), and a square table for the two of us.

Here's the design for the long tables:
Yes, I measured out the tables on our floor with tape. I have a scale drawing on the computer that we used to visualize the table layout but when it came to the decor on the tables I needed to see it in person and full size. You can see Juno was a huge help observing from the head of the table.

Included in the shells my coworker gave me were ones with slits cut in them that she used as escort card holders. I decided they could function as our place cards that Tensing Pen requires. Here's a close up of them:

Next up was the round table. Unfortunately, I realized I used 1/3 of the seaglass on the long table so I portioned out the seaglass and then took a bit from each table to add to the round table.

After I created those 4 tables, I created bags for each table so it would be easier to decorate once we get down there!

Finally came our table. I'm out of seaglass, but I do have plenty of shells. They may be added to our table if I feel that it is too plain.

Tensing Pen includes white table cloths for all the tables so that's all taken care of now!

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